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Rockvale TN July 14, 2006 - - Well, much as I had looked forward to getting back across the pond and hanging with me friend and road warrior The Doc, this year I have decided not to go to France. August will not be the same without the cheese and meat and bread and the endless bottles of Bordeaux and days of bonhomie.
I regret missing the little festival in Chateau Chinon, the big festival in Mondial and all the little bar gigs in between and on each side.

I will miss the morning baguettes and bowls of coffee with Jean-Luc and Felicie at their maison in Bretagne.

I will not walk down the sizzling Paris sidewalks this year. I'd looked forward to being an expat boulevardier in August, but this year I will be a local hayseed in Rockvale, Tennessee.

Additionally, I had had an invitation from my friend the famous impresario Karel Beer to drop in to this year's Rochefort fest as a special surprise guest, and I know I will regret not being able to perform for the froggies there and to drink in the loveliness of Alice and Marie, and bask in the warmth of my French and Brit friends and the Rochefort sun…


April in Florida left me with a cold that I was unable to shake. I went back down to do the Florida Folk Festival at the end of May, still suffering from whatever nasty juju has taken up residence in my chest, and it's only in the past few days that I've begun to think maybe this is just an acute illness and not the chronic voodoo that's gonna kill me and finally make my song catalog worth something. But although I'm feeling better, I'm not eager to be an ocean away from my doctor just yet.

I've been in touch with The Doc, however, and he promises to submit the occasional article about his ramblings in la France with his friends Tekka and Xander. Despite his vile personal habits, The Doc is a marvelous raconteur, even in English as a second language, and I'm sure he will not disappoint.

Until all of this comes in over the wire, I will be posting the occasional memo (or not) about my adventures trying to get a mortgage on El Rancho Tedioso.

Groetjes! as they say.