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THE DOC's second Dispatch to HeadQuarters

BACK IN HOLLAND, August 26, 2006
So, it was on to the wilds of Bretagne again.
Always a kind of homecoming for me. I still
haven't figured out what it is exactly
that makes me feel so completely at ease in
this westernmost point of France.
There were shows to do in all these by-now-
familiar places like the bar Les Cotiers in
Pors Poulhan, near the coast at Plozevet,
the bar 'Passager du Van' in Plozevet
itself again and of course amongst others
a show in THE bar-de-nuit in the Pays
Bigouden: Le Daniels , in
We stayed in the big house in PenMarc'h of
our friends
Mary-Lou all through the Bretagne-part of
the tour, who were on tour for themselves
in the sunny south of France. The
cote-d'azur hadn't had rain in well over
six months, but Jean-Luc and Felicie said
it started raining there
the day they arrived, indeed a funny summer
in France this year, like it was in all of

In between gigs there was lots of time to show
Xander some of the beautiful sights along
the rugged Atlantic coast. Way too much to
see in just a few days, but it's a start,
I showed him places like Pointe de la
Torche, the little harbour of Kerity, a
bar down there that Panama knows very well and
that knows him. We'll leave the story at that.
My friends Jaques and Michelle (members of
the Association Louise Bell Musique
societee) came to visit us at
some of the shows and again Jaques took
lots of pictures and they invited us to
their home on the coming Monday, a more
than beautiful spot on the coast in
Trevignon, a little village close to
Concarneau. (Editor's note: Google a map,
geographically ignorant Americaines.)

All through the tour in Bretagne we had
lots of sunshine and the last night on the
peninsula of Quiberon was just simply
sticky. We played our last gig on a
campsite called Ócean, lots of fantasy got
in the naming I guess. But true: Quiberon
is a SIGHT!

By now we were like a steamrolling train,
never used any setlist the whole tour
through, we just picked the songs at the
very moment. Selling beaucoup de CD, etc...

We left almost right after the gig and
drove all night along the northern highway
to see the sun come up near
Calais the next morning around 5.30 am,
some sight! Yeah!

Next year I hope we will have Panama with
us again. I truly missed him along the
road, and next year Xander will find out the
reasons why for himself.

So here's to you, Guitar Bum! Canal Boy
says "Hi Bubba!"

Let's drink up once more and
kick some ass and take some culture to
France, there are still lots of
emergencies in the years to

Salud! (on behalf of Xander and
Panama too)

love and peace,

The Doc