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Ain’t Got the Blues Blues
By Panama Red © 2007 Panalama Music (BMI)

Don’t got the blues but I gotta play ‘em
Sing about the violence and talk bout the mayhem
Cause the owner of this joint, waterin’ down that booze, man
Wouldn’ book me in here til I tole him I’se a bluesman
Don’t come to me as news you wanna work you gotta play de blues

Ever once in a while put in a lick make the guitar go (……)
Do alla that schtick
You gotta play the blues if you wanna work in this town
You don’t gotta have the blues you just gotta have the blues down

Had to tell a pack o’ lies so I could get a gig here
But I was standin at the crossroads… of my career
Oh lawdy the blues…well, I ain’t got ‘em
Only ever picked the guitar… Never picked no cotton
Don‘t gotta have the blues (…) you just gotta have the blues down

They think I’m bad, got a mean cruel streak
But I never mention that college degree
Yass, I’se a dangerous man Got this scar from a fight
But this ain’t the blues, 300 dollar on a Monday night

You better come on in my kitchen
Cause it’s gonna be rainin’ outdoors

Goin’ to France. I’ll keep you posted