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Seriously. This goes beyond politics.

“What the hell are you talkin about, Red? You're gonna write Bernie in even if Hillary wins the nomination? What? Are you some kind of
communist?” Well, no. I'm not really some kind of communist. Communism doesn't work. Mao was a communist. But after he died, China went pretty much straight to capitalism. And in true capitalist fashion those who have gained most from that transition, those in control now, are the grandhilcren of Long Marchers. Look up Long March. So having arrived at capitalism through communism is no guarantee of equity, either. Thomas Jefferson spoke out against corporations and capitalism. Paraphrasing, he said, “Corporations bad.” Mostly I'm writing this to women out there who are ready for a woman president. Me, too. I do not see that being of the female persuasion is a good or bad thing. It's not even a thing with me. I don't see that rationality has a gender. So, please understand that my objection to Secretary Clinton has no roots in her either having a vagina or not having a dick. My objection is that she is OWNED by her largest contributors

Citigroup Inc
Goldman Sachs
DLA Piper
JPMorgan Chase & Co
Morgan Stanley
EMILY's List
Time Warner
Skadden, Arps et al
University of California
Sullivan & Cromwell
Akin, Gump et al
Lehman Brothers
21st Century Fox
Cablevision Systems
Kirkland & Ellis
National Amusements Inc
Squire Patton Boggs
Greenberg Traurig LLP
Corning Inc
Credit Suisse Group

The smaller number over there to the right is money from a Political
Action Committee (PAC). The larger numbers more to the left are
“Individual” contributions from people who work or are associated there at each corporation. As you can see, the “individual” contributions add up to quite a bit. But it is legal. There is the underlying assumption that those individual contributions from Citibank, for instance, would be reflective of pretty much the same interest. So that even though the PAC had maxed out by law, there is still the individuals which taken as an aggregate add up to a lot more than the PAC, This is how political money works. I guess.

This is a list of Hillary contributors I got off of Google.

Here's a list of Bernie's corporate donors:








What? You don't see them? It's because they aren't there. Bernie is not selling out the future.

Folks, this is a time for deep reflection. You're gonna say why don't YOU do some deep reflecting, Red, and realize that Hillary has to run or we're gonna hand the election to the Republicans. No, we're not gonna hand the presidency to the Republicans, Hell, YOU could run against their field and win. No, the reflectin I'm talkin about is this: once in a while a champion comes along. Simple as that. They don't come often, either... You know I'm right.

So when a champion comes along I'm gonna get behind him. Or her. And up until the very end I'm gonna keep with him. Or her. An if Hillary were that champion you can bet your Bottom Dollar I'd be behind her. But she ain't. Bernie is.

I'm pretty sure that Bernie is more in touch with the concerns of a
70-year-old failed rocker than Hillary is, insulated as she is with alla
that money. So when a champion comes along and says we need to change some stuff, and it's gonna take us all to do it, I'm on board. I'm a hippie. Shared effort is what I'm about. Always worked for me.

I got these naysayer friends on facebook. They like Bernie, sorta, but do not like him enough (or anything enough, maybe) to make like an actual commitment. Just always got a snooty down the nose comment about how it'll never work. I get it. Observers. How you roll, I know. OKBM.

I do not expect to get money out of Bernie winning, either. I'm not gonna wake up and find that my Social Security check has tripled. I don't expect to. I expect to get a society out of it. A fair, just society.
That's right free bubble-up and rainbow stew if you will. See it however you want. Go ahead, be a cynic. God knows we need more of you. But I want to live in a country where NOBODY is hungry. Don't you?

It IS the economy, stupid. Have you ever wondered, as I have, why the government didn't just give US the money instead of the banks? I mean, I know what I'da done. I'd gone and paid down my credit card bills to many of those same banks. So they'da had it the same day, actually. And it woulda done me some good. But maybe doin me some good was not what was in their upper thoughts when they bailed the titans of finance out of 2008. Because it wouldn't have made the books look right. And makin the books look right is the name of the banking game...

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Where was I? Oh, yeah.

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