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"WEOW, MAN" (from 'Blues from a Brown Cafe' Archives)

Amsterdam, June 9th 2001
The other day our little family was hit with a scary incident.
Mama and I woke up to the cat goin meow, which she does
all the time, being Siamese. But she was walkin a little funny.

Everybody in the family gathered around us in our
bedroom while we watched the cat walk funny. We felt
and squeezed and mashed her all over of course, and
nowhere could we make her squeal. But she was walkin
funny. She wasn't walkin grossly funny, just a little
funny and going meow a lot...but she does that anyway.

Well, money's tight, but we had to take her to the vet. I
mean she IS our cat. Well, Ron an I bike over to the vet,
and after waitin around a little while we take her into
the 'zaminin room.

Vet looks at the cat, looks in her ears, eyes. Shines
a LIGHT in her ears, eyes.
Rectal temperature.

Then he shines a light in her eyes again and says, "Is it
possible that she could have gotten to some weed, hash,

Well, yeah, we say, maybe a little hangdog, and he says,
"Well, this is Amsterdam. I see it all the time. She'll be
okay. Just take her home and keep her warm."
So he gives her some saline sub-Q and sends us home.

So we get home, where everybody is immensely relieved
to learn that our cat does not have some terminal
neurological disease, but is merely stoned out of her nut.
Now we notice that her dry food dish, usually at least
half full, is absolutely devoid of kibble. So we feed
her a package of wet catfood, which she eats in about
three seconds. Feed her another. Gone. Fill up the
kibble dish and she starts in on that. Cat with the

Now that she's got food in front of her she has become a
real pig, making smacking sounds and all, looking up every
once in a while to meow. She was high for about eight
hours there, from eating one bud.

Now of course we've put the stuff away. Hidden it, in
fact. Maybe she's been eating it all along but this time
maybe she just ate a little too much.

Who knows? Maybe that's why she's been goin meow all the
time. She's been saying, "Weoww, man."