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Murfreesboro, TN, April 6, 2005 - - We got an email here at the Panamansion from my old friend Stan Goldstein. You can look him up on Google, I bet. Anyway the letter has to do with Camp Winnarainbow, Wavy Gravy's (and some other hipsters) creation in NoCal. A marvelous place where I once spent a brief enlistment as the Camp Nurse. You can Google it, too, no doubt. What I'd like you to do, after you've read Stan's letter, is to add the URL he enclosed to your favorites list and go there every day for the next month or so and cast your vote. It's for a good cause and maybe Jah will finally forgive me for blowing up the Camp Winnarainbow PA.

Here's the letter:

For a number of years the Camp Winnarainbow
Scholarship Fund received all the royalties
due Mr. Gravy from Ben & Jerry's "Wavy
Gravy" flavor. Sometimes that was
substantial. It helped give a lot of kids
a life-changing experience. Then the
flavor got retired, US economics suffered,
donations to Camp (and just about every
other "good" cause) dropped, and it has
been a real struggle to keep extending the
scholarships so widely.

Now B & J's is running an election to
determine what to bring back from the
flavor graveyard. Right now WG is in the
lead. Below is the link that will take you
to the polling place. Just like Chicago:
vote early, vote often. Actually, I think
you can vote only once a day.

Anyway, a lot of kids could get a lot of
benefit if you go to the link below and do
the deed.