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Nashville, TN, November 27, 2002 - -

Around about the time that the Puritans had to flee
London because of whyever, they came to the
Netherlands. And the Dutch, all laid back, let them
in the country.

Unfortunately the Puritans looked around and
discovered that in this bastion of tolerance was also
tolerated hedonism etc. and began sermonizing and,
being all Puritanical, generally wet-blanketed the
Amsterdam party.

Such a pain in the ass were these guys that after
three or four years of this the Dutch got together and
GAVE them a ship, the Speedwell, just to get rid of them.
That ship carried them to back to England where they
acquired the Mayflower. Then they sailed to Plymouth Rock
where they soon became a pain in the ass for the Indians,
who had to feed them to get them through their first
winter. That's the American Thanksgiving.

For a Dutchman to give up any boat, even a tub like
the Speedwell, there must be a compelling reason. But
so glad were the Dutch to get rid of these guys that
even today, once a year they celebrate the going away
of the Puritans. That's the Dutch Thanksgiving.

And of course the Puritans, since they had been to not
just one but rather two places in search of religious
oppression could now refer to themselves in the
correct sense of the word as Pilgrims.