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Touring with Shaver...Panama Drinks Up and Goes to Europe

Nashville, TN, July 17, 2002
Well, after months of wondering if it was really gonna happen,
I got a plane ticket to Austin today, where my next little odyssey
will begin and I took my new Seagull Grand guitar out to
Nolensville to get it baptized into the Order of
Left-Handed Jesus. Switched around from righty to lefty in
other words, as Mr Godin up there in Quebec does not see
fit to manufacture the only guitar he makes that I want
(but I really WANTED it) in a left-hand model. Sacre bleu,
I say. Merde. Other surrender-monkey phrases.
So anyway, along with the ticket that Billy Joe Shaver had
sent was a list of thirty-three tunes we will be doing,
three of which he will perform alone.
I have been growing slowly aware that NEXT WEEK I will be
back in Europe, or as we say here in the musical community
of Nashville, Yoorp. Last night I couldn't sleep, got up
and listened to my once and future boss's records one more
Boy oh boy, once again I will for two or three days at
least, once again say dank u wel and alst u blieft, not to
mention smoke hashish legally.
Make a ol white man feel good.
Love to all, will write from Austin.
Y'all say a prayer...thirty tunes is a lot to put under
your belt...and I'll write more from Austin.
Y'all over there in Amsterdam (Andy and Tanja and Tonja and
Frits and Sem and Jur and Patrik and Rory especially) BE
HOME next week. I love you all and I'll see you soon.
Met vriendlijke groetjes