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Springtime!!! Hooray!!!

G*d, doncha love it! Birds n butterflies
and renewal and warmth...
ahh, it's so sweet. Sittin' by my window
overlooking the Avenue I
just saw a girl with spiked hair and the
wildest thrift-shop outfit,
mini-skirt and knee stockings and utterly
clashing colors and prints.
Right on!

I suppose I'm old enough now to be forgiven
just about anything so
maybe I'll deck myself out in some crazy
clothes, too. Normally a
fairly reserved sort of person, having a
scooter to buzz around town
on has changed my personality. I make
comments to just about anyone
and everyone on our hipster sidewalks, get
fun responses and have a
great time scootin'around town.

I guess the hair-coloring and piercing fads
are dying so I wonder
what to do to be a little outrageous. I
will not get a tattoo but I'm
open to just about anything else to
celebrate spring and life and joy.

Love you all...

Mr Stick

Mr Stick is a friend from Asheville, Santa Fe,
and New York city.
Panama has known him through each of these
incarnations since 1967..
He may be e-mailed at "J Jakob Anderson"