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St Petersburg, FL
March 2, 2004

Dear Red:

just returned from "Passion." I make the following observations:

1. The movie is mis-titled. It should be titled "The Ass Kicking of
Christ" or "Jesus Christ, Kick His Ass!" because all plot, who was a Jew
and who was not, anything literal about the production, historical fact
or fiction, all was lost in what I believe is the absolutely worst
ass-kicking in the history of movies. "Raging Bull" was a pussy next to
Christ. I cannot remember anything except the guy getting the shit beat
out of him, over and over and over and over again. When he fell down,
they kicked his ass to make him get up. When he could not carry the
cross, they whipped ass all over him to keep him walking. Then, when the worst ass-kicking in world history (even up to today) was all over, they kicked him in the head and nailed him to the cross. Gave him vinegar to drink, stabbed him in the heart. For anyone in the mood one night to go and see some serious world class Pharisee-style ass-kicking, I highly recommend this movie.

2. The theatre was filled with young teens. Watching a good 90 minutes of nothing but ass whipping. I'm sure they all ran out to get the Bible as soon as the movie ended.

3. Jesus was wearing modern day spandex briefs under his sarong. (There goes the Oscar for costuming -- Mel you blew it) Tan colored. Not once did he get kicked in the balls the entire movie. I don't believe kicking in the balls became a part of the certified ass kicking regimen until Napoleon's time, so at least THAT part of the movie was historically accurate.

Raiford Starke sends his regards.


Pete Gallagher
(Mr Gallagher, also well-known as Sunset Beach Pete, lives in St Petersburg Florida. His e-mail address is: