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Unable to string coherent thoughts together for even 6 or 7 k, Panama STARTS A BLOG

Jun 28 06
Well, it never stops. The world-famous Riny came over to the States for Hullabaloo or HollaBGolla, that thing they have every year in Manchester, Tennessee, to hang with his buds My Morning Jacket, whom I don't know (I read recently that "whom" was about to die a sudden, nearly unnoticed death, due to the fact that no one seemed to know when to say it and so therefore never said it at all) but who are all good fellows, I'm sure.

El Rancho Tedioso

Anyhow, said presence in the area gave Riny the opportunity to stop by at the farm (I'm considering "El Rancho Tedioso") and visit with me and the unexpanded family unit. It was a pleasant visit, at least for me, as I got to enlist Riny's help in going to take the old batteries out of the bus, preparatory to moving it out to the farmette, the aforementioned El Rancho. We all spent a pleasant evening together, and Riny followed my date Patty and me into town the next day, and spun off our trail on 65 North on his way to Louisville and later back to Las Nederlands, and we bought two new used batteries...

Batteries included

Lately it has occurred to me that 50% of everybody is stupider than everybody else. Apropos of nothing.

A few weeks back I played at the Florida Folk Festival in White Springs. And a few weeks before that I played with my old Bethlehem Asylum brothers and some fellow Beaus Arts alumni at the State Theater on Central
Avenue in St. Pete.
I came back from St Pete with some kind of virus or something…actually I think I picked it up on my way back up through Georgia…but I've been plagued with it, even during the White Springs sets, and have just now begun to maybe think I've shaken it off a little bit, thanks to having a good doctor. But I haven't been able to attend to anything, just being busy drawing breath, so business and relationships have suffered.

We're finally getting in this year's Garden, it having been postponed while the fuel tank and then the batteries were being attended to, we'll maybe get it seeded in tomorrow…we've also been busting ass trying to get a mortgage going on the farmette. Hmmm…the computer doesn't recognize farmette as a word…computer wasn't around in the Fifties, that's for sure. Hmmm…dinette…yep it's comfortable with that…maybe farmette is just a Panama word. I dunno, though, kinda sounds like what people who commuted from Connecticut to New York went home to back in the Man in the Gray Flannel Suit days…their farmette.

The wwwebster Riny has installed a counter on the very bottom of the Front Page, on where it is displayed where the folks who stop by are from in graphic national flag form or something. It'll be interesting to watch.
All you eBay, Amazon, CDBaby people, keep the faith…
I'll try to write more.