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Bethlehem Asylum Reunion at
Skipper's Smokehouse, April 2004

by Russell Buddy Helm

Here is a clip from the survivors of
Bethlehem Asylum reunion April 2004 in
Tampa, Florida at Skipper's Smokehouse. I
just put up a video camera and got sound
from the PA system speakers. So forgive the
technician, please.

Watch the clip on YOUTUBE.COM!

But this is a hint of things to come. We
performed another reunion concert in St.
Petersburg, Florida April 2006 and that is
now a DVD with good sound, which will be
available soon.

In case you were not born yet, Bethlehem
Asylum was a psychedelic Jazz, folk rock
ensemble in the Southeast from 1969 til
1972. We had some great players in the

Charlie Dechant went on to be the sax
player with Hall and Oates, Danny Finley
went on to be Panama Red and play with
Kinky Friedman, Buddy Helm went out to LA
and worked with Tim Buckley, Zappa and a
bunch of cool people.

Christian Ghandi was a fantastic keyboard
player(he's gone) and Jim Neiman was a
great bass player and singer(he is also
gone) but they are not forgotten.

We did two albums with Exit-Capricorn
records in Macon which were released on
Ampex Records. A compilation CD is
available at CD Baby.