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ITEM NUMBER: 360514977457

I've been looking at this Abacus box for must be ten years.  

I got kinda interested in it a few years back and looked it up.  I got all excited because, though I could find the accompanying book by the hundreds on Amazon, I could not find one single other actual, genuine, No 748 Abacus, like the one pictured here.  It's the "toy" Ideal made to go with the Abacus book.  It's all pre-post-modern.  It wasn't the digital age yet, is what I'm really saying. 

So I put it up on ebay, expecting that the huge community of nerds out there on the net would take notice of it, maybe think of it as a cool present for their boss, bless their hearts, and snap it right up.  Did the Millenials take the bait?  Oh, I guess a couple of non-scientists came across it, but nobody scientificalistical seemed to give a big RA.  Maybe they were on Facebook being somebody.    No offense intended.

So I didn't sell it.  And,. like I say, I've been looking at it for the past ten or so years.  And time is waning.  Do I want to continue to be the caretaker of this valuable icon from the glory days of yesteryear?  Because I'll tell you, if I die and this box is left on it's own, it's gonna go right into the landfill, lost forever in the detritus of humanity.  

So I've decided to put it back up on ebay, for absolutely totally almost nothing.  Maybe somebody smart will see it this time.  Maybe they'll buy it.   It weighs three pounds, and I'll ship it cheap as I can.  Then you can look at it.  And marvel.